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Mission of Statement

To address the concerns and visions of the Santa Ana Arts District and implement strategies to improve the quality of life for residents and businesses in this community, while creating opportunities for artists of all disciplines to flourish.


The Santa Ana Artists Village is an expanding 8 blocks creative effort located at this great historic city that comes alive monthly during the Art Walk, home to CSUF Grand Central Art, the Santora Building of the Arts, etc. The City of Santa Ana recently completed close to $9 million in improvements along the South Main Street Corridor. The improvements are between 8th Street and Columbine and signify a major investment in the area’s business development and economic growth.

Nation’s #1 Neighborhood

Did you know that Santa Ana has the nation’s number one neighborhood? This past year Neighborhoods USA – a national organization selected Santa Ana’s Floral Park as their top neighborhood.

Throughout the last 10 years the city of Santa Ana has experienced and incredible growth starting by a complete urban renovation, the construction of the Santiago & Main Street Lofts and the upcoming One Broadway Plaza Building just to mention some few projects. The Santa Ana Arts District main objective is to bring this great city alive not just every month but every day by providing a wider view to all the attractions, galleries, museums, restaurants, theatres, schools, services and performances that the city of Santa Ana has to offer.

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